The following information is provided in accordance with PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003) and the PREA standards and final rule.

PREA Coordinator:
Crystal Crowell
4001 E. 29th Street, Suite 90
Bryan, TX 77802
(979) 846-3560

PREA Compliance Manager:
Joshua Stone
405 W. 28th Street
Bryan, TX 77803
(979) 823-5300

Third Party Reporting of Sexual Abuse and/or Sexual Harassment Method(s):

  1. Call PREA Ombudsman: (936) 437-5570
  2. Call the facility: (979) 823-5300
  3. Email the facility:
  4. Mail a letter to the facility:
    ATTN: PREA Compliance Manager
    405 W. 28th Street
    Bryan, TX 77803

PREA Audit Date: February 22, 2017
PREA 2017 Final Audit Report: DOWNLOAD

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PREA Audit Date: February 20, 2020
PREA 2020 Final Audit Report: DOWNLOAD

PREA Audit Date: February 1-2, 2023
PREA 2023 Final Audit Report: DOWNLOAD

PREA Policies/Procedures to ensure referrals of allegations for investigations: DOWNLOAD

PREA 2016 Annual Report: DOWNLOAD
PREA 2017 Annual Report: DOWNLOAD
PREA 2018 Annual Report: DOWNLOAD
PREA 2019 Annual Report: DOWNLOAD
PREA 2020 Annual Report: DOWNLOAD
PREA 2021 Annual Report: DOWNLOAD