Community Alcohol & Substance Awareness Partnership (CASAP)

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Coalition Coordinator
: Bill Roberts
Phone: 979-846-3560

The CASAP is funded by a $150,000 grant through the Department of State Health Services.  The grant was awarded to BVCASA in 2013 with the goal of reducing underage/binge drinking, marijuana use, and prescription pill abuse by college students in Brazos and Washington counties.  The state has identified these three priorities as being responsible for the majority of deaths, injuries, legal issues and college drop-out rates in Texas.

Through a strong collaboration with the leaders of Blinn Community College, on campuses in both Bryan and Brenham, the CASAP hopes to take a proactive approach to reducing overall problems associated with alcohol and drugs during students’ college years, and to increasing the wellness and quality of learning of Blinn students.

The CASAP relies on partnerships with student groups, local government, college administration, media, law enforcement, religious organization, civic organizations and local businesses.  If you are interested in getting involved, contact Coalition Coordinator Bill Roberts.

  • Data Collection (student surveying, arrest reports, local & regional hospital reports, etc.)
  • Social Norms Campaigns (“Play It Safe” Spring Break, “Against the Law Make the Call,” “Mr. Peebody,” “Lock Your Meds,” etc.)
  • Policy Change (county, city, and campus level policies addressing alcohol or substance use)
  • Access Reduction (Rx Pill Take-back events, retail alcohol stings, etc.)

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