School-Based Prevention Services

Youth Prevention Selective (YPS) programs target a group within the general population that is high risk.  The curricula implemented for this grant are All Stars and Towards No Drugs (TND). These are provided at no cost.

All Stars is a 14-session substance abuse education program for grades 6-8 that focuses on the substances that youth are most likely to abuse.  The program is designed to motivate youth to not use drugs while teaching skills and strategies needed to resist peer pressure.

TND is a 12-session interactive program for grades 9-12 designed to help high school youth resist substance use through motivational activities, social skills training and decision making components.  The program is conducted using a variety of techniques like group discussion, games, role playing and videos.

All curricula implemented by BVCASA are evidence-based and approved by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Population Served/Client Base

Schools responding to our request for Memoranda of Agreement during the writing phase of the 5 year DSHS contract were notified of BVCASA funding awards.  Of the schools responding, all were selected for program implementation.  Each year school principals/counselors are contacted to determine program start dates.  Sessions are scheduled based on school/student availability, as well as BVCASA staff availability.

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